Services Offered

Technological Excellence

At S.S. Engineering Corporation we have always believed that Technology holds the key to success. Development and application of newer technologies, which are developed and built around high level of expertise and experience gained through our successful engagement in various projects is a way of life at S.S. Engineering Corporation. This is true of both the energy and environment range of solutions offered by us in India.

Stringent Quality Control & Excellence In Engineering

At S.S. Engineering Corporation, every decision we take and every action we commit, are guided by the one common principle of uncompromising standards of precision and quality. Every component, used in our systems, is carefully selected and tested to ensure efficient, effective and consistent performance.

On-Site Consultation & Management

On the spot, field investigation and a consultative approach to understand real customer needs and concerns, is the platform on which all our system designs are based. Our engineers are always there where they matter most, on site, to provide assistance to our customers ever after the system is installed. Our engineers give training to the operating staff of our customers to ensure that our plants are effectively and efficiently utilized.

After Sales Service & Support

Our Engineers and technicians are trained to respond quickly and effectively to the service needs of our customers. We maintain an adequate inventory of spares and supplies to complement and support our commitment to provide quality reliable after sales service.


In confirmation with our policy of enhancing operational effectiveness, S.S. Engineering Corporation is currently in the process of implementing a company-wide Enterprise Resource Planning Programme.

The Water Specialists

S.S. Engineering Corporation offers a board range of experience and expertise in water and waste water (both sewage and industrial effluent) treatment system in terms of Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance. An experienced team of professionals spanning from all aspects of water chemistry techniques and environmental and chemical engineering are readily available to offer tailor made solutions to all types of water and wastewater treatment problems. S.S. Engineering Corporation offers a wide array of complementary products and systems for all water and wastewater treatment needs. Over the years S.S. Engineering Corporation products are known in the market for their superior quality and dependability.

Environmental System Offered

* Raw Water Treatment Plants (Pretreatment)
* Drinking Water Treatment Plants.
* Boiler Water Treatment Systems.
* Cooling Water Treatment Systems.
* Process / Ultra pure Water Plants.
* Desalination Plants based on RO as well as Resin Technology.
* Package Sewage Treatment Plants.
* Municipal Sewage Treatment.
* Biological Treatment Plants for Industrial effluents.
* Effluent recycling plants and Zero Discharge schemes

Over the years S.S. Engineering Corporation has established and developed a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with customers. The major industrial segments served by S.S. Engineering Corporation are,

* Automobile Industry.
* Ceramic Tile Industry.
* Chemical Process Industry.
* Community Water & Sewage Treatment Plants.
* Cotton & Synthetic Textile Units.
* Fertilizer Industry.
* Food & Beverages.
* Hospitals / Recreation Clubs / Commercial Buildings.
* Hotels and Resorts
* Light and Heavy Engineering Industry.
* Pharmaceuticals
* Steel Industry & cold rolling Mills.
* Sugar.

Swimming Pool Disinfection

S.S. Engineering Corporation offers a unique non-chemical automatic system for swimming pool water disinfections, that ensures bacteriological clean pool up to 2 lac liters in a domestic environment and 45 lac liters in a commercial environment. This system uses natural elements like silver and copper to disinfect the pool. The system configuration enables continuous monitoring of the electrodes and the pool water. Benefits include considerable cost savings over conventional chemicals, creation of a non-allergic swimming environment and elimination of virtually all micro-organisms including algae and viruses.

Effluent Treatment & Recycling

At S.S. Engineering Corporation we firmly believe in generating wealth from waste. In our eyes, industrial effluent are misplaced or untapped resources rather than waste. Our emphasis in Effluent Treatment is always on recovery and reuse rather than striving to just matching the disposal requirements.

Each industry and each location has different waste characteristics requiring individualized treatment solutions. This is where our work begins: samples may be taken, field investigation are made, user contact is established to understand their requirements, expectations, then most economical and effective designs are developed. Effluent Treatment Systems offered by S.S. Engineering Corporation.

* Neutralization and pH correction systems.
* Physico-Chemical systems for removal of suspended solids and COD.
* Heavy metal removal and recovery systems.
* Colour Removal for Textiles wastes / paper industry.
* Biological Treatment plants for treating Organic wastes.
* Aerobic / Anaerobic sludge digestion.
* White water recycle system for paper industry.
* Oily waste separation systems.
* Effluent recycling systems using reverse osmosis.

The diverse range of equipment offered by S.S. Engineering Corporation include

* Manual and mechanical screens.
* Grit separators.
* Oil separators and belt skimmers.
* Parallel plate separators for removal of TSS & free oil.
* Oil coalesces and dissolved air flotation systems.
* Solids recycle type clarifiers (SRTC)
* Fixed and floating surface Aerators.
* Membrane type diffused aeration systems.
* Clarifiers / Clariflocculators.
* Filtration products